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【The amazing 2015 of Greenland Property Group】

Happy New Year!!

Greenland Property Group’s 2015 notable activities

2015 is about to be over

In this year, the elites of Greenland Property Group

Worked together

Played together

Grew together

And gave the best service to our customers together

We shall now share a flashback to the best moments of 2015

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VCE ranking revealed, Who’s the top Victoria school?

Victoria VCE entrance examination scores have been released this week, among those concerned about this result include not just the candidates and their families, there are many parents who are planning their children’s future off of this information, Young couples who aspire to pick the location with the best school zones. Today, we bring you  this year’s VCE performance schools, and those schools’ school districts.
VCE is scored out of 50 by the departments and is a result of complex calculations. Scores are normally distributed, the mean being 30 and a standard deviation of 7.  The VCE achievement of a student directly reflects the results of examination of the subject in respect to the performance of other students. VCE scores are also adjusted according to the degree of difficulty of the subject, in order to achieve an equitable mark as possible.
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