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[1+1>2] Selling neighboring houses will net you more profit than singles!

Recently in Sydney Campsie three neighbouring houses were sold together at the high price of 4.86 million AUD. If they had been sold separately, they would’ve only fetched 1.1 million AUD. The fact that the owners sold them together netted them an extra 500 thousand AUD profit.Neighbor cooperating to sell their houses in a package is not uncommon.

Bexley Nouth area two neighboring properties will be sold together, and went for $ 3.08 million, compared to selling their property separately, each household earned an extra  280 thousand dollars.

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The Golden Rule of House buying in Austral

Buying Property in Australia is tricky, there is a reason why some people’s purchases rise rapidly in price whilst other people’s follows the steady slow crawl. Today we shall be taking a look at tips and advice for investing in Australian real estate.

In the long term, Australian properties will increase in value over time, this is certain. Because of this the earlier someone puts their foot down and buys a house their profit timer starts ticking, and they’ll make more profits compared to the indecisive people. However there are certain points to take into account whilst purchasing houses which may indicate that the land and property there will rise exceptionally fast. Lets take a look at the 6 S of buying a house.
The first S is Station

When looking for a property with potential, first we must ascertain whether or not there are convenient public transport stations nearby. Ease of transportation is a very important factor to many potential buyers and will add value to the property.

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